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Raven Sidekick Pro

The industry leader in direct injection, Sidekick Pro features:

  • High resolution encoder that provides smoother pump control and exceptional lock on target rate technology
  • Remote closed-system calibration, eliminating the need for calibration catch tests and exposure to chemicals
  • Compatibility with additives that reduce maintenance on your application system
  • Low volume capacity of 1-40 ounces per minute
  • High volume capacity of 5-200 ounces per minute
  • Automatic priming feature
  • Real-time diagnostics
  • ISO compatible pump


  • Automatic rinse system that can clean the chemical out with the push of a button
  • Three way valve automatically opens to a rinsing agent tank
  • Valve automatically returns to chemical tank position at the end of the rinsing cycle

With the Sidekick Pro™ direct injection system, you can save more in time and inputs—and get more for it when applying costly herbicides, insecticides, liquid fertilizer and nitrogen stabilizer. And because there’s no pre-mixing in the tank, there’s no waste from unused product—and no cleanout/disposal issues when you’re done. Watch this video to learn more about how it works!

The Sidekick Pro™ direct injection system sets a new standard for chemical applications of every type, with unprecedented precision, savings, and safety. No tank mixing required and with the industry’s first automatic calibration feature, you’re ready to go in minutes. Utilize Rinse Assist to automatically flush the pump quickly and thoroughly. The whole system is amazingly simple and pays off with greater precision, higher yields and unrivaled efficiency.